Maintain a safe and healthy working environment

We know how important a safe and healthy working environment at a manufacturing site is. Not only the lives of your workers are at stake, so is your reputation and your productivity. With 4Industry, you easily control and enforce all of your SHE protocols by digitally managing Safe Work Permits and SHE issues. Our aim is to prevent recurrence of any type of safety, health and environment issue, whether it be fatalities, serious injuries, non-serious injuries or near misses.

4Indistry safe work permit app
Safety, Health & Environment

Safe Work Permit

The Safe Work Permit component provides you with a step-by-step guide when requesting Safe Work Permits, including a Risk Assessment survey, (reusable) Risk Classification of locations, risk matrix (work tasks compared to site risks), approval requests and Pre-Work Assessments. Safety Officers can track active permits across plants for spot checking, and they enjoy great reporting functionalities.

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Safety, Health & Environment

Issue Management

The Issue Management component provides direct access to escalation, evacuation, fatality and accident protocols and supports digital registration of SHE issues. Digital registration enables you to conduct Root Cause Analysis, which will help you to continuously improve safety at the shop floor. Plus, anyone can submit an idea for improvement, which means you keep on optimizing your Safety, Health and Environment procedures, day after day.

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Issue management app

SHE – Register a new safety incident

The Issue Management component supports digital registration of SHE issues. This process takes less than a minute, and the system automatically gives the caller a checklist of items to check to ensure the incident does not spread.

"Your workers’ whereabouts in the factory are tracked by 4Industry. When a worker enters a certain area, a SHE checklist automatically pops up on their smart device, making sure they follow the appropriate SHE procedure before they start working. "
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
Safety, Health & Environment

Key benefits

Safe and quick eradication of SHE issues
Build and expand SHE knowledge at your plant
Prevent recurrence of SHE issues with Root Cause Analysis
Reuse of risk classification data
Enhance worker experience

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