Reduce defects with digital Quality Maintenance & data automation

Stop using paper for registering defects or Excel-based audit checklists for Quality Maintenance and let your workers perform defect registration and audits from their mobile devices. Not only will your workers be able to work much faster and more accurate, you unlock the benefits of data automation and analytics – significantly reducing the number of defects.

Zero defects is what Quality Maintenance is all about. Because defects cause waste due to poor quality and rework and increase consumer complaints and inspections. And the worst of all: recalling a product due to quality issues. By digitizing and automating defect registration and auditing, product quality automatically rises.

4Industry quality maintenance manufacturing
Quality Maintenance


With the Inspection component, you easily build and deploy digital mobile forms for equipment or product inspections, and workers can view and submit the forms from their mobile devices. You can even make your inspection part of an automation workflow via the ShopFloor Workflows application. By setting form thresholds, you can automatically trigger an action based on the outcome of a form.

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Quality Maintenance

Defect Management

The Defect Management component helps operators to easily register and solve product defects from their mobile devices. The system proposes countermeasures based on historical data and the Knowledge Base, speeding up the solving process. Once the defect is solved, you start a Root Cause Analysis procedure to prevent recurrence. That way, you keep optimizing Quality Maintenance. But there is a next level though. By combining Defect Management with Anomaly Management, you can start preventing defects. And that is where the real added value lies: automated Quality Maintenance.

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4Industry Defect management
"Your engineers also reap the benefits of Defect Management, because they can spot defect patterns via Root Cause Analysis and break these."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
Quality maintenance

Key benefits

Build your own inspection checklists
User-friendly data automation & analytics
Optimize inspection workflows
Reduce number of inspections
Raise overall product quality
Recognize and prevent defect patterns

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