Digitize Planned Maintenance and prevent deviations

The combination of Planned Maintenance with context-aware Anomaly Management is extremely powerful and greatly contributes to increasing your OEE. Not only can you predict deviations, you can even perform Predictive Maintenance. After all, the fewer equipment breakdowns and deviations, the less unplanned stop time you have, the higher your plant productivity will be.

We know breakdowns are your number one enemy. That is why our platform focuses entirely on preventing maintenance. Increase your equipment effectiveness with reliable, well-maintained and high-performing machines. Reduce maintenance costs and equipment failures thanks to auto (pre)scheduled maintenance tasks.

Planned Maintenance

Anomaly Management

The Anomaly Management component leverages the powerful combination of IoT, a rule-based engine and context to spot anomalies before they turn into deviations. You can easily plot your production flows with our special ShopFloor Workflow application and add rules, thresholds, context and dependencies.

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planned maintenance

Planned/Corrective/Preventive Maintenance

With the Planned/Corrective/Preventive Maintenance component, workers can easily request corrective maintenance and engineers have maintenance plans at hand on their mobile devices. Planned Maintenance allows you to plan running- and time-based maintenance. And by combining Preventive and Planned Maintenance, you can start performing Predictive Maintenance. And the latter means: sit back, relax and let the system plan Preventive Maintenance all on its own!

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"Maintenance in 4Industry is all about prevention. After all, prevention is cheaper than repair."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
PLanned maintenance

Key benefits

Predictive Maintenance improves productivity
Prevent deviations

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