Reduce losses across your entire plant thanks to digitized Focused Improvement

Focused Improvement (Kaizen) in 4Industry provides a digital framework for reducing losses that affect efficiency in the workplace. The goal is to improve both productivity and safety. Using a detailed and thorough procedure, losses are eliminated in a systematic way using various Kaizen tools. Because if you want to increase your OEE, you need to continuously improve your way of working.

Focused Improvement starts off by identifying the loss. The Autonomous Maintenance module helps you with that. Next, you select and verify the subject aided by our Reporting & Analytics application, followed by understanding the process and equipment. The Equipment Management component will provide you with that information. After grasping what the actual situation is, you establish the objectives with our Inspection component.

4Industry Root Cause Analysis
Focused Improvement

Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analysis component helps you draft a work plan to identify the root cause, after which you propose and excecute countermeasures. This will prevent recurrence of the problem, whether this is a SHE issue, deviation or other type of problem. Afterwards, workers and/or engineers receive a form to verify the problem is really solved.

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Focused Improvement


The Improvement component enables your employees to submit ideas for improvement and allows you to manage the whole improvement idea process – from submitting to classification, assessment and execution.

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Improving production efficiency
"RCA is the result of analyzing the data logged via our Deviation Management and Job Management modules with our Reporting & Analytics application."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
focused improvement

Key benefits

Remote collaboration on root causes
Analyze any type of data in the system to initiate an RCA process
Anyone can submit an improvement idea
Increase employee engagement

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