Minimize lifecycle costs by digitizing Early Equipment Maintenance

As one of the eight pillars of TPM, Early Equipment Maintenance is covered by 4Industry too. Because you need to thoroughly prepare and plan changes to your production line, including maintenance plans. Our platform provides an Equipment Information Management System (EIMS) and streamlines the entire change process, aimed at minimizing your life cycle costs (LCC). That way, you have everything at hand to make new equipment introductions and development a success.

What about an overview of equipment behavior? Our Reporting & Analytics application provides insight in equipment behavior, allowing you to make changes to the run for optimization purposes.

Change management iPad app
Early Equipment Maintenance

Change Management

Our Change Management component makes sure changes to your line happen correctly. Smooth your change process with a workflow covering change and backout plans, approvals and Safe Work Permits. And thanks to the Shopfloor dashboard, your Management of Change Committee (MOCC) has a complete overview of all shop floor activities.

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Early Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Management

The Equipment Management component features the EIMS database. Aimed at reducing lifecycle costs, this database helps you to determine how the previous machine functioned, what the lessons learnt were, what maintenance it needed, etc. This information helps you to make informed decisions about new equipment purchases or developments, extends the lifetime of your current assets and improves asset maintenance procedures.

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Equipment Management iPad app
"A solid base of digital TPM data allows you to make informed decisions about changes and optimize maintenance plans."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
focused improvement

Key benefits

Real-time monitoring
Implement changes faster, safer and more accurate
Extend asset lifetime
Minimize Life Cycle Costs
Improve maintenance procedures

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