Digitize your Autonomous Maintenance processes

Do away with manual, paper-based Autonomous Maintenance (AM) processes and let 4Industry help you digitize your AM. Enable your workers to solve deviations much quicker, as well as going through Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – all from the palm of their hand.

The module Autonomous Maintenance is all about smooth digital registration and solving of deviations (tags) and optimizing your SOPs for your workers. Because workers can operate machines independently and perform small maintenance tasks themselves, you give them ownership over the machine, which boosts their confidence levels. It also frees up your skilled engineers, who can then spend more time on value-added activities and complex technical repairs.

Deviation managment app
Autonomous Maintenance

Deviation Management

The Deviation Management component helps operators to easily register and solve deviations by automatically proposing countermeasures. It features Q&A style manuals, checklists and a chat function – all designed to quickly resolve the deviation. Digital registration of deviations stimulates knowledge sharing about defects across plants, decreasing the time required to resolve a deviation significantly.

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Autonomous Maintenance

Job Management

Job Management swiftly guides your workers through SOPs on their mobile devices with handy features like scanning QR codes and adding pictures. Since they won’t be able to overlook any steps anymore, their efficiency and quality of work increases. Thanks to comprehensive reporting, you can analyze the steps your workers have taken. Because the system measures step duration, you can spot problems and improve your Autonomous Maintenance procedures as well.

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Job management app iPad
"Your engineers also reap the benefits of Deviation Management, because they can spot deviation patterns via Root Cause Analysis and break these."
Luc Raeskin — CEO App4mation
autonomous maintenance

Key benefits

Discover deviation patterns across multiple plants
Accelerate solving process of deviations
Digitize SOPs
Share knowledge and experience across plants
Increased productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Higher confidence level among your workers
Enhance worker experience

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