Smart Forms

With our intuitive form builder called Smart Forms, you can build your own forms from scratch. Customize the form the way you want by using different kinds of question fields, grouping fields, setting push notifications and form triggering, etc. Assignees can annotate and upload images, scan QR codes, and much more. But that’s not all. You can use the yielded data to improve or automate your processes!

Key Features

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key features

Score Calculation

Enable score calculation, use roll-up scores, set high/low scores or exclude questions.

Dynamic Questions

Hide or show questions per category/question, using source record data to define the rule.


Available on mobile devices, works offline and you can send out push notifications to assignees.

Supported Field Types

QR code

Quickly scan a machine to retrieve all of its details

Digital signature

Sign off forms for approval or accountability


Take a photo, annotate and upload it to the form


Easily add your location details via GPS

Multiple choice

Select multiple answers, if applicable


Quickly scan a sample barcode to retrieve sample information


Easily enter comments via single or multi-line text fields

Date and time

Capture date and time stamp information


Input a free format number


From X to Y


Insert references to tables


Easily input a percentage using a slider


Include closed questions with standard yes/no answers


Add checkbox items to make sure tasks are executed

Spin box

Choose an answer from a pre-defined list of options

Any field can be set as optional or mandatory

Collect Evidence

Collect evidence

Annotate & upload photos

Take a picture, annotate and upload it to the form

Add comments

Add comments to questions

Include instruction notes

Make sure collecting evidence is done in the right way

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Automate & Plan

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Auto create & assign

Define when a form needs to be auto-created and -assigned to a user

Plan your smart forms

Use fixed intervals, custom schedules or sensor data (running conditions)

Trigger a workflow

Execute a workflow based on the results (scores) and answers of a form

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Reporting & Analytics

Collect evidence

Unlimited report types

Reports are fully customizable, allowing for unlimited types of reports

Customize reporting dashboards

Create your own reporting dashboards

Export to Excel and PDF

Export dashboards and reports to Excel and PDF

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