Discover the benefits of digitizing Safe Work Permits

We all know maintaining strict control over Safe Work Permits prevents SHE issues. Because SHE issues directly affect your productivity. Permit management in 4Industry takes away the frustration workers experience with paper-based permits. It unburdens your Safety Officers of loads of paperwork. Plus, you maintain a neat and orderly administration for audit and compliancy purposes.

Safe Work Permit

Risk Assessment & Classification

When requesting a permit, the system asks you what task needs to be done and where. If the risks of working in a specific location are not known yet, the system will ask you to fill out a Risk Assessment questionnaire. If a Risk Classification for that location exists, this data will be reused. If not, a Risk Classification form is sent out to the respective supervisors of that area, which they fill out. The risks are compared to the kind of tasks the worker is going to execute in a risk matrix, after which the location receives a particular risk classification.

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Risk Management Display App
4Industry approvement process app
Safe Work Permit

Optimized approval process

The risk matrix is linked to levels of approval for Safe Work Permits, so not everyone in the approval chain is burdened with simple approval requests anymore – freeing up valuable time of your employees.

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Safe Work Permit

Increase safety with notifications

After permit approval, a Pre-Work Assessment is sent out to the respective workers to check if they have the right certificates, have closed off the gas supply, etc. The worker receives a daily sign-off (push message) to verify that they have followed all the rules.

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4Industry Risk management app
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Safe Work Permit

Improve spot checking

Your Safety Officers will never have to work with bulletin boards and pins anymore to track the whereabouts of workers. They simply consult Maps, providing them with a neat overview of active permits across plants in real-time to perform spot checks. Great reporting functionalities (Reporting & Analytics) make reporting to the plant director a piece of cake. The platform also speeds up administrative tasks, allowing Safety Officers to focus on work that adds real value to your factory.

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Safe Work Permit


Digital signing and approval
Approval levels
Risk matrix
Track permit holders via a map
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