Job Management

Discover the benefits of digital SOPs with Job Management

Stop manual filing and laminating of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and digitize them with Job Management. Your workers have direct access to the SOPs from their mobile devices, allowing them to complete the procedures much faster. What’s more, 4Industry is designed to automate data, so more and greater benefits are about to come your way.

Job management app
Job Management

Digital work instructions

Job Management enables you to register all steps and accompanying details related to SOP's – from hazards, critical steps, grouping of steps and pictures/videos to required tools and material overviews, including in which step you need these tools and materials. Many of the steps require input from a worker. In the paper-based process, workers needed to write the information down on paper. But not with Job Management. If they need to register a sample code, for example, they simply scan the QR code on the sample. Easy, right?

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Job Management Automation App
Job Management

Automate data

Since you collect valuable data through digital SOPs, you unlock the benefits of data automation. Data automation is based on enforcing rules. For example, if the salt concentration of a sample is below a certain level, this can trigger the following: a deviation is automatically created; the worker needs to fill out a mandatory checklist to ensure the quality; or an inspection is automatically generated and assigned to the right engineer.

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Job Management

New insights

Use the collected data from SOPs to gain new insights. Since the start and end time of each step in a SOP is registered, you can monitor if steps in a SOP are taking longer to complete than usual. The underlying cause could be anything – from work attitude to broken parts. After having performed Root Cause Analysis, you can address the issue and let your workers do their jobs without obstruction.

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"Want to add an input field? No problem. You can easily add a step or input field in our checklists, workflows or SOPs."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
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