Build and schedule mobile forms for your inspections

With our intuitive form builder, you can build and deploy your own digital forms for product or equipment inspections, including 5S forms. Workers can view and submit the inspection form from their mobile devices. You can assign and schedule a form, set push notifications and add images. You can even include automatic inspection triggering in workflows. Setting up your inspections was never this easy!

4Industry inspection app

Create automation workflows

Easily make your inspection forms part of an automation workflow. Once you have created the workflow with our ShopFloor Workflows application, you can add an inspection via our Smart Forms application. You can set the interval based on criteria like time and running conditions or schedule the checklist for a specific date. By setting thresholds, you can even decide to automatically generate a deviation, plan maintenance, stop the line, etc. based on the outcome of an inspection.

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"The collected data from inspections is used for Reporting & Analytics, providing you the insights you need to optimize your equipment plan."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation


Schedule inspections
Assign inspections
Customize fields
Push notifications
Form triggering
Set thresholds
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