Optimize your operations with improvement ideas

Let your workers submit ideas for improvement from their mobile devices to enhance your operations. Usually, ideas remain where they are: in people’s minds. But registering ideas is very valuable. Not only does it improve operations, it fosters employee engagement and strengthens the working relationship between workers and management.


Manage improvement ideas

Imagine a worker has stepped into broken glass scattered over the shop floor after bottles have fallen from the production line. He tried to find a broom to sweep the floor clean but couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, another co-worker almost stepped into the broken glass too. The floor wasn’t swiped clean fast enough because of the missing broom.

The worker decides to initiate an improvement idea to keep a broom close at hand in that area of the factory. Once an idea is submitted, you can classify and assess it. If the idea leads to a valuable improvement, you easily change the idea into a task. The last step is to assign this task to someone who will execute it.

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Engage employees

Employees can monitor the status of their idea, creating a high level of engagement. It is also possible to organize ideas on several levels and categories, ensuring the right people evaluate the right ideas. As a supervisor, you have a direct overview of all ideas from your idea board. You can group ideas and visualize them with our Reporting & Analytics application.

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Visualize ideas
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