Equipment Management

Equipment Management - the backbone of any factory

Equipment Management is one of 4Industry’s most crucial components, because many other processes and applications source (a part of) their information from the EIMS database. The database allows you to register equipment details, definitions and asset management activities, including RCA procedures, deviations, etc. So, when you need to replace equipment, you know its entire history – from design, implementation and maintenance all the way to deviations and SHE issues.

Equipment management

Improve maintenance

Our Equipment Management component not only stores information but is a Preventive Maintenance (PM) system too. It allows you to source, collect and utilize equipment information to improve maintenance.

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Maintenance Management App
Equipment Management

Manage your equipment details

Easily register information sources like Autonomous Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, equipment information, product information and external information (like Standard Operating Procedures). Choose the required formats for both primary and secondary information items and assign items to the right channels. You can also classify records, e.g. per application or purpose. And of course, you can easily search for information based on keywords.

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Equipment Management

Make informed decisions

A solid base of TPM data provides engineers, plant directors and your Management of Change Committee (MOCC) access to extended reporting dashboards. Insight into machinery usage via Equipment Management means they can make informed decisions about changes or equipment development and set the right maintenance plans in place.

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equipment management


Register definitions
Dashboards and reporting
Register asset management activities
Access to TPM data
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