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Solve deviations faster with digital Deviation Management

Digitizing Deviation Management is crucial when it comes to increasing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Workers need to register, analyze, validate and solve deviations (also called tags or defects) as quickly as possible. 4Industry helps you do just that, and much more. It makes your deviation data actionable, allowing you to continuously improve productivity.

4Industry Deviation Management App
Deviation Management

Access to historical data

When the worker spots something is wrong, he creates a deviation on his mobile device or he receives an automatically generated deviation notification, triggered via Anomaly Management. Thanks to historical data and knowledge sharing, the worker instantly sees proposed corrective countermeasures that have previously resolved similar deviations. This includes deviations that have occurred at other plants in other countries.

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4Industry digital checklists
Deviation Management

Safety first

When the worker walks up to the respective machine to start working on a deviation, a checklist pops up on his mobile device. He first needs to fill this checklist out (Smart Forms) to create a clean and safe environment to work in.

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Deviation Management

Digital support

A worker also has access to digitized manuals in Q&A style, further speeding up the solving process. In case the worker really does not know how to solve the deviation, he can ask for support via the chat function. A designated person receives the support request and helps the worker solve the deviation.

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4Industry digital support
"The Deviation Management component in 4Industry yields actionable data for the Root Cause Analysis component."
Luc Raeskin - CEO App4mation
Deviation Management


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