defect management

Prevent or quickly solve defects with Defect Management

Digitizing Defect Management with 4Industry means your workers can swiftly solve defects from the palm of their hands, freeing up your skilled engineers. The system proposes countermeasures based on historical data and the knowledge base, which speeds up the solving process considerably. When combining Defect Management with context-aware Anomaly Management, you can even prevent defects. Since less defects means less downtime, your OEE rises.

defect management

Digital registration & notifications

When the worker notices a quality defect, he easily registers the defect via his mobile device, or he receives an automatically generated defect notification triggered via Anomaly Management. At registration, workers can upload and annotate pictures and add comments. And they need to register standard details like product, batch, visual/flavor/functional defect, etc. Via push notifications, you can automatically notify stakeholders like engineers or Quality Managers. Based on historical data and defect patterns, the system even advises whether to suspend production or not.

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defect management

Database with countermeasures

When the operator starts working to resolve the defect, he is aided by the knowledge base and historical data. He directly sees all corrective countermeasures that have previously resolved similar defects, including defects that have occurred at other plants in other countries.

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defect management

Automatically predict defects

Once solved, the engineer starts a Root Cause Analysis procedure for the respective defect. By the time the procedure is completed, and the root cause has been found, you have eliminated the defect – indirectly optimizing your productivity. But what really makes the difference is when defects are automatically predicted and prevented altogether via Anomaly Management. Lean back and let Defect Management up your OEE!

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"The Defect Management component in 4Industry yields actionable data for the Root Cause Analysis component."
Luc Raeskin — CEO App4mation
defect management


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