Change Management

Ensure changes in your line happen correctly with Change Management

When it comes to documenting and registering changes, your Management of Change Committee (MOCC) needs a proper tool for Change Management – preferably one that takes you by the hand and guides you through all the steps. Well, say hello to 4Industry! Not only the administrative side is covered, the system provides an overview of other plant activities that might obstruct your change too. Now, your MOCC has all the information they need to bring changes to a success.

Change Management

Stay on top of your changes

Succesful changes require a Change Plan, but a Backout Plan too – in case the change goes wrong and your line needs to be restored. Relevant stakeholders need to be informed about the upcoming change and certain people need to approve the change. Then, at implementation, workers need to have the right Safe Work Permits to perform the work. This is all taken care of in Change Management. Even after the change, the system proposes follow-up tasks or procedures.

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Change management drawing plan
4Industry real time insights via our app
Change Management

Real-time insights

Your MOCC has real-time insight in the latest shop floor activities via the ShopFloor dashboard, to make sure changes to production lines are not obstructed by other work like Planned Maintenance. You instantly see where maintenance is performed, when other changes will be implemented, when equipment is due for replacement, etc. Enable your Change Management team to make informed decisions and implement changes at the right time and place.

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Change Management


Step-by-step workflow
Change documentation & registration
Checklists on your mobile device
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