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Restarting production after lockdown – Ensuring physical distancing on the factory floor

In response to COVID-19, many manufacturers have already accelerated factory digitization in order to cope with the impact corona has on their operations. In terms of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE), the pandemic requires manufacturers to take stringent measures to protect their workforces. With factories slowly restarting production after lockdown, we’d like to show you how digital operations can help you comply to these safety measures, especially physical distancing.

Posted By Rogier Frugte on May 20 2020

4 Ways digital operations can help manufacturers navigate through this pandemic

The coronavirus is holding the entire world in a firm grip, including the manufacturing industry. Where some manufacturers have had to shut down their plants entirely, others are struggling due to drops in demand or lack of essential supplies. Opposed to other industries, frontline manufacturing staff can’t take their work to the safety of their homes. Plant leaders are therefore looking for ways to navigate through this crisis and adapt to the next normal—a long-lasting......

Posted By Luc Raeskin on May 15 2020

How to digitize Poka Yoke in your factory

After the introduction of Poka Yoke in the 1960s by Shigeo Shingo, an industrial engineer at Toyota, manufacturers have been using it to reduce inevitable human mistakes and defects in production. Though the concept is great, many factories are still struggling with implementing this concept, often due to poor user adoption. Using digital technology, you can easily introduce the Poka Yoke concept, digitize all Poka Yoke steps, and enhance user adoption with mobile capabilities.

Posted By Luc Raeskin on May 8 2020

Knowledge Management as a driving force for Manufacturing Optimization and Plant Continuity in times of COVID-19

Making essential information readily accessible to your operators lies at the very basis of your manufacturing and maintenance processes. This means that exactly the right policy, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), manual, One-Point Lesson (OPL) or Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP), etc. is retrievable - or pops up - at the right place on the factory floor at the right time, enabling workers to do their job autonomously.

Posted By Luc Raeskin on April 16 2020

Digitize your inspections, audits and checklists

Are you ready to eliminate paper from your factory? Good. Meet SmartForms, a supporting application on our 4Industry platform that allows you to build your own mobile-ready digital forms. You can customize forms and flows with 14 different types of fields to choose from and advanced settings like push notifications and form triggering. Assignees can annotate and upload images as evidence, trigger checklists or prefill a form by scanning QR codes with their mobile devices and much more. Let’s explore how

Posted By Luc Raeskin on October 24 2019

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