Your organization, equipment and facilities are constantly changing to keep up with demand and quality levels, but how to deal with the involved risks of implementing a change?

With 4Industry you can mitigate change related risks while streamlining the implementation of changes. Management of Change orchestrates the change process and automatically initiates Approvals, Work Permit requests and Pre Startup Safety reviews.

  • Mitigate Safety, Health and Environmental risks.
  • Prevent Business Issues and Change conflicts.
  • Plan and communicate about changes in a structured and efficient manner.
  • Track all related approvals, assessments and tasks in one Change dossier.

Management of Change (MoC) starts with submitting a Change Request in 4Industry, describing what change is needed on which equipment in which location. A typical example is the upgrade of a conveyor belt. Throughout the Change lifecycle, a 4Industry workflow orchestrates the process steps and related subprocesses like assessments, approvals and work permits.

 Next step is to perform a Risk Assessment to analyze the situation and identify countermeasures. Once the Change assessment is complete, the MoC committee is automatically notified and requested to approve the Change. The MoC committee reviews the timing, identified risks, impact and countermeasures before approving the Change.

Arranging Safe Work Permits is easily managed from within the Change itself, re-using information of the Change, the required countermeasures and skills. 4Industry generates printable Work Permit badges containing a QR code referencing the live status of the Work Permit and the Change itself.

In case the production process was stopped for the Change, a Pre Startup Safety Review will be automatically initiated to assess the safety of the environment before the process can be started again.

Management of Change can be initiated by Maintenance, Deviation, Continuous Improvement ideas and many other task-driven processes.

During its lifecycle, a Change triggers assessments and Safe Work Permit processes. Change tasks and Countermeasures are visible in the 4Industry Kanban Board.