Deviation Management

It’s important to manage deviations – also known as incidents – of the prime operating condition in a plant, to minimize the impact on the business.

With 4Industry Deviation Management you can track these activities from start to finish, allowing you to reduce the average time of solving a deviation which ultimately helps improving your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Restore the operation of equipment and production lines as fast as possible to minimize impact on the business.
  • Eliminate defects at the source through active employee participation.
  • Identify emerging issues before they become failures.

How it works?
It starts with registering a deviation in the system. For example, a machine stops working. Via sensors – which can be installed on machines if it’s not available already – a deviation is automatically created with supporting information.

All the deviations are visible in an overview in order to create follow-up actions. These follow-up actions can be easily assigned to the responsible employee. The responsible employee can open the deviation on its mobile app to start working on that task.

In the deviation, corrective countermeasures can be displayed which have previously resolved similar deviations, if they were stored as knowledge for future occurrences.

This makes it possible to reduce the time to resolve a deviation significantly and provides actionable data for later analysis.

This process frequently integrates with the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process to identify the cause of the deviation and uses the Countermeasure Management process to resolve a deviation.