Benefits of 4Industry

Our extensive platform entails many benefits – from enhancing the employee experience to improving plant productivity, saving costs and creating a safer work environment. We have listed all benefits and traits that make our platform unique here. Discover what 4Industry can do for you!

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Lower Operational Costs

Since prevention is cheaper than repair, our solution saves resources, extends equipment lifetime and prevents waste, deviations, breakdowns and SHE issues.

Higher Plant Productivity

Smart, connected machines send alerts before a failure occurs, reducing downtime while operating at peak efficiency.

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Higher Product Quality

Equipment sensors identify issues and self-correct, which improves product quality and makes certain inspections redundant.

Safer Work Environment

Ensure trained and authorized staff work in hazardous areas or on dangerous equipment. Sensors gather data about work environments and send out alerts about potential hazards.

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What makes our platform unique

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Offline Work Mode

We know that not all manufacturing sites have Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity, and that equipment interferes with your Wi-Fi, so we’ve made sure you can work offline.

Customizable & User-friendly Interface

Our highly intuitive user interface provides a smartphone-like user experience, ensuring seamless adoption by your workers. The look and feel are customizable, so you can brand the UI the way you want. And if you miss a field in a pre-set checklist, step in a workflow or a specific report layout, you just easily add or build it yourself.

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Enhance Employee Experience

Attract digital-savvy young talent to your factory by saying goodbye to paper-based workflows. Simplify workflows through digitization, allowing employees to work faster. Fewer mistakes are made, because all procedures are pre-defined, so critical steps cannot be forgotten. And thanks to great reporting and analytics features, reporting to management suddenly becomes a joy instead of a headache.

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