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4Industry is a digital manufacturing platform aimed at increasing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and providing a safer work environment. Boost employee experience through paperless workflows with our smart and modular software, taking your factory productivity to the next level.

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TPM Solutions

Based on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), 5S, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, our platform supports six specific manufacturing processes.

Autonomous Maintenance

Enable workers to resolve deviations faster and provide access to digital, mobile-ready SOPs

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Planned Maintenance

Avoid breakdowns by predicting maintenance and spot anomalies before they turn into deviations

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Quality Maintenance

Customize inspection forms and enable mobile defect registration and inspections

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Focused Improvement

Continuously improve your operations through root cause analysis and improvement ideas of workers

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Early Equipment Maintenance

Minimize lifecycle costs by making the right changes and improving asset maintenance

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Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)

Quickly respond to and resolve SHE incidents and analyze to prevent recurrence

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Conveyor Belt Production Line

4Industry revolutionizes your manufacturing processes

Today’s world of manufacturing is changing rapidly due to the 4th industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is fuelled by IT developments like big data, machine learning, IoT and many more. These developments have the potential to unlock tremendous benefits for those manufacturers that successfully adopt these new technologies into their operations. 4Industry helps you to achieve that. Our digital, 4.0-ready platform improves all processes in your manufacturing plant; from improving your productivity, creating a safer work environment to enhancing product quality and reducing operational costs.

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Mobile-ready – Android and iOS support

Offline available

Inform workers with push messages

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4Industry Employee Factory

Enhance Employee Experience

Attract digital-savvy young talent to your factory by saying goodbye to paper-based workflows. Simplify workflows through digitization, allowing employees to work faster. Fewer mistakes are made, because all procedures are pre-defined, so critical steps cannot be forgotten. And thanks to great reporting and analytics features, reporting to management suddenly becomes a joy instead of a headache.

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Digitize your inspections, audits and checklists

Are you ready to eliminate paper from your factory? Good. Meet SmartForms, a supporting application on our 4Industry platform that allows you to build your own mobile-ready digital forms. You can customize forms and flows with 14 different types of fields to choose from and advanced settings like push notifications and form triggering. Assignees can annotate and upload images as evidence, trigger checklists or prefill a form by scanning QR codes with their mobile devices and much more. Let’s explore how SmartForms works for three specific use cases – inspections, audits and checklists.

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October 24, 2019
Digitize your inspections, audits and checklists
Luc Raeskin
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